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Announced in early 2019, Spider Mini Cranes South Africa has it's sights on new territory. Giving a big lift in the Construction and Mining Market across Africa.

There is growing demand for the versatile and compact UNIC Spider Mini Cranes in South Africa’s construction and mining sectors, says local distributor B & B Group CEO Bob Fogg.

So much so, that we recently added our second Sales, Rental and Service Facility on Harris Avenue in Sabenza,
Endenvale, Johannesburg. 

With Our new expansion to the Johannesburg reach, clients will have even better ease of accessibility across Africa.  

The B & B Group was started 30 years ago by Mr. Fogg “We started the UNIC Spider Mini Cranes business in 2006, and have mainly been growing by word of mouth. The engineers and technicians who have used our cranes would often contact us when they have to perform a difficult lift or to lift something that normal cranes couldn’t do because of space restrictions and access problems.”

The Johannesburg branch is a big step forward for the B&B Group, but we will continue to grown and our future plans for even more expansion is already underway.